The Concerning Prevalence of CBD Vaping among E-Cigarette Users: Insights from the 2022 National Youth Tobacco Survey

The prevalence of vaping CBD among e-cigarette users, particularly students, is a cause for concern, according to the 2022 National Youth Tobacco Survey. The survey found that more than 1 in 5 students who use electronic cigarettes reported vaping CBD, a component of marijuana that does not produce a high like THC. Additionally, over 6% of students were unsure whether or not they had vaped CBD.[0]

Researchers conducted the study using a nationally representative sample of approximately 28,000 American students from the Youth Tobacco Survey.[0] Of the 2,448 reported e-cigarette users, 21.3% confirmed vaping CBD, while 6.3% were uncertain about their CBD vaping habits.[0]

Dr. Diane Tanaka, medical director of the Teenage and Young Adult Health Center at Children's Hospital Los Angeles, highlighted the under-recognition of risks associated with vaping CBD or cannabis among young people. She emphasized that young people may not fully understand the potential dangers of vaping CBD, whether it is the THC-containing cannabis or the cannabidiol-like CBD.

The risks associated with vaping CBD among young people stem from both the act of vaping itself and the marijuana component. Dr. Tanaka explained that vaping CBD can negatively impact memory and the functioning of neurotransmitters in the developing brain. This can have implications for academic performance and overall brain development.

In 2021, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) confirmed that delta-8 THC, when synthesized from CBD, is considered federally illegal. This was revealed in a letter written by the DEA's Drug & Chemical Evaluation Section Chief Terrence Boos. Delta-8 THC is a minor cannabinoid found in cannabis plants, but it is typically synthesized from hemp-derived CBD for consumer products.[1] The DEA's stance on delta-8 THC has raised concerns about the legality and regulation of such products.

The federal legalization of hemp under the 2018 Farm Bill has contributed to the proliferation of unregulated hemp-derived products, including those containing intoxicating compounds like delta-8 THC.[2] These products are often marketed without proper regulation and can appeal to and be accessed by young people.[2]

While CBD has gained popularity as a natural remedy for various ailments, its use raises safety concerns.[3] The study authors noted potential harm to the liver, lungs, and male reproductive system associated with CBD use.[4] It is crucial to address the prevalence of vaping CBD among young people through evidence-based education, interventions, and public policy changes to mitigate potential health consequences.[0]

Overall, the rise in CBD vaping among students and the lack of awareness about the risks highlight the need for further research, regulation, and education in this area. It is important to prioritize the health and well-being of young people and ensure they have accurate information about the potential dangers of vaping CBD.

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