CBD for anxiety and pain

Differences Between Antidepressants And CBD Oil On Anxiety And Depression

CBD for anxiety and painMillions of people across the planet suffer from anxiety and depression. We said ‘’and’’ because these two disorders are almost always linked together. Basically, a person who suffers from anxiety will also suffer from some type of depression. CBD for anxiety and pain isn’t a new alternative, but it is still less-known than antidepressants.

Antidepressants are medications which are given to people suffering from either of these two issues. They are strong and powerful medications which affect your brain and try to restore natural balance. In general, they promote serotonin levels. More serotonin means more happiness because this hormone is the one which makes us feel great. CBD for anxiety and pain works in a bit different way. Now, you may wonder what the difference between antidepressant and CBD oil is. Believe or not, there are a lot of differences.


All antidepressant work on similar (not the same) way. But, all of them have side effects. Let’s take Zoloft for example. It is the most popular antidepressant ever and chances are high that your therapist will give it to you as soon as you say that you suffer from anxiety or depression. First of all, you will need 3-5 weeks in order to notice the improvements. That’s why most people also get different medications which help them sleep almost the entire day before Zoloft starts showing effects.

Taking Zoloft daily is mandatory. Dosage varies between 50 and 200mg and it must not be exceeded or there will be severe complications. There are additional side effects as well. First of all, your heart with beat faster all the time, you may have issues sleeping, dry mouth, nausea, headaches, dizziness, skin rashes, hallucinations and so much more are just a part of the side effects you may experience. One of the most common side effects is a loss of sexual desire and inability to feel orgasm. Interesting: Almost 50% of people who take antidepressants must switch between different types in order to get rid of the side effects and get the positive ones.

CBD oil

Now, the CBD oil. First of all, it acts in a similar way, but it is much gentler than Zoloft. It is safer as well, due to the fact there are no side effects. Actually, not a single drawback of antidepressants can be seen in this case. CBD for anxiety and pain acts instantly, meaning that you don’t have to wait 5 weeks in order to notice the first results.

CBD oil is safer for the body as well. It is a natural substance which affects several systems in the body, including the brain, but won’t do it as much as antidepressants. The last, but not least, CBD oil won’t affect your sexual desire. Actually, there are no changes in this matter whatsoever.

Still, believe antidepressants are the best choice?

We mentioned Zoloft because it is the most common medication and one of the most powerful ones. But, as you can see, CBD for anxiety and pain is much better than it, so it is better than any other antidepressant.